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The Future Of E-Mobility

The Glider is the confluence of our hardware mastery, our software expertise, and our never-ending ambition to provide smarter urban transportation.

Inboard S-1 Scooter Inboard S-1 Scooter

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A Smarter Scooter

We set out to connect people and places, forging a path for more sustainable cities and communities. The M1 was our first step, and the Glider is the future. The most innovative scooter on the market; designed with intention, engineered from scratch.

Firmware Updatable

No planned obsolescence here; the Glider evolves with the times.

Mechanical & Regenerative Brakes

Stopping power at a touch, for a safe and controlled ride.

Construction & Design

No shortcuts, ever. Engineered from scratch for total control, a more reliable product, and a safer ride.

Integrated Technology

A truly smart scooter with constant connectivity and advanced security.

Oversized Tires

Long range is nothing if you’re not comfortable. Large-diameter, pneumatic tires, and street-tested suspension make pavement worries a thing of the past.

Optimal Center of Gravity

The only scooter with a ride height below the axle centerline, providing superior stability.

Hub Motor

Our in-wheel motor allows for smooth acceleration, regenerative braking, and hill-climbing power. A more durable scooter for urban wear and tear.

Aluminum Throttle

A sturdy and lightweight touch-acceleration system with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Stable and consistent power, with a gentle touch.

Quick-Swap Battery

The only scooter with a swappable battery for more practical charging and a virtually unlimited range.

Hinged Arm Suspension

We engineered our suspension system from the ground up for a robust and comfortable ride.

Coiled Shock Absorption

A stable and solid experience, no matter what the environment throws your way.

More Practical Than Ever

Stow anywhere. Our folding mechanism makes storage a breeze, whether on the train, at the office, or at home.

See & Be Seen

Integrated LEDs for all-around visibility. See the road ahead, be seen by traffic, and indicate your next move (it’s only polite).

Pre-Orders Are Open

are Open

Inboard Glider

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Scooter On Fleet

Our Glider is designed and engineered for durability in the urban environment. Whether owned by one or shared between one thousand, the Glider is the perfect solution for the last mile.

for Businesses,


and Cities.

The Urban Challenge

The Glider is our proposition for the next generation of e-transport solutions. For hotels, campuses, and cities alike, Inboard will empower access to a safe, convenient, and fun commuting alternative.

Cities are getting denser.

People everywhere are flocking to cities. 50% of the global population lives in an urban environment, and that number is only expected to rise. And for good reason; our cities have never been more vibrant, more action-packed, or more livable. But with so much to see and do, why choose to sit in traffic?

Institutions are adapting.

Cities, businesses, and schools alike are aware of the shifting demand for transportation. Expanded public transit, increased bike lanes, and more ambitious projects all suggest a willingness to experiment with new modes of mobility.

Demand for autonomy.

Those living in urban environments are in pursuit of efficient mobility within an increasingly congested landscape. But public transportation doesn’t have to mean a loss of individuality; one can actively participate in a shared system, while still traveling where they want, when they want.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our connected Glider can link to any network to help you manage and operate your fleet.

With our open API, there’s no limit to what we can create together.

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