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Ride, Share, Earn with Inboard

Earn $100 cash per referral by joining the Inboard Movement Program

When you sign up for the Inboard Movement, we'll give you a special link to you can share through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Email, in person – however you choose! You'll earn money for every customer that purchases an Inboard M1 through your link.

Are you a college student?

College is expensive, so make your M1 work for you. Share your code with friends in-person or online to earn money while you ride. Partner with friends or the Inboard Events team to host events around your campus. The sky’s the limit!

How large is your following?

Monetize your blog, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Youtube following by adding Inboard Movement links to your posts. Make the most of your subscribers by promoting the most innovative electric skateboard in the world.

Three Easy Steps

  • Sign Up

    Fill out the registration form and you’ll get access to the Inboard Movement dashboard where you can access your unique referral link, and track your progress. You can even record your friend’s email addresses so when they buy, you get credited for the sale!

  • Share

    Share your link with friends and followers. They'll get an exclusive offer on the Inboard M1 and you'll earn $100.

  • Earn

    Every time your link is used in a purchase, you’ll earn $100 cash, straight to your PayPal Account. The Inboard Movement will send you notifications when you make a sale, and when we are about to send money to your account.