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Inboard Carbon Footprint Comparison



Here at Inboard, our earliest goal was to design and engineer a safe, durable, and efficient E-board; an attempt at making commuting more practical and more fun. Check.

Now we can dream just a little bigger. We recognize the potential for not just our E-board, but for E-mobility as an industry and as a movement.

Solutions to the “Last Mile Problem” of commuting often come at the expense of the environment, our wallets, or usually both! Let’s take a look at how the M1 stacks up to other modes of transportation in terms of cost and emissions.




Compare avg. CO2 emissions (daily? yearly?) for walking/cycling, M1, public transportation (maybe split bus vs. subway/BART), hybrid cars, and regular passenger cars or SUVs

Notes: make M1 stand out with different color, or different positioning. Let’s not avoid admitting that walking and cycling are zero-emission, we’re down with people doing that too!