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SkatePark - Glacier National Park

Our National Parks have had a huge summer, and it’s been incredible to see how many people have shown up to take in the natural beauty. But if you’re used to whipping around on your own schedule, the summer crowds might just disrupt your plans.

Enter the M1: The eco-friendly, ultra-convenient, and extremely fun solution to in-park transit.

We put our flagship e-board to the test with the help of Sam Griggs, nature lover and photographer extraordinaire. She packed up for Glacier National Park in Montana to find out how the M1 would hold up at 6,000 feet.



Q: Hey Sam! Let’s start with a little introduction.

A: Hi! My name is Samantha Griggs, I’m originally from Southern California, but I now reside in Portland, Oregon. I’m a freelance photographer, specializing in product and portrait photography, but I’ve always been drawn to nature, so I was beyond excited for this trip!

And what’s not to love about our national parks? They’re protected and a perfect place to explore the best of America’s natural beauty.

Q: Can you describe the current transportation scene in Glacier?

Parking in Glacier is ALWAYS full during the summer. When its hot, its nice to be able to just park anywhere and cruise to the lake, because nobody wants to sit in line or do laps to find a spot! There are shuttle buses, but they mostly seem to be tourist buses, and it can be hard to rely on them at times, so I was glad that I had my own means of getting around.


Q: What was it like to travel through the park on the M1?

A: The M1 was so easy to travel with! I’m a pretty light packer, and my camera gear takes up plenty of space already, so it was nice to not have to worry about another bulky thing. Riding the M1 through the park was incredible, and actually a lot better than I had expected! It was surprisingly quiet and so much fun.

It definitely made me feel closer to nature, especially compared to driving in a car, which really doesn’t stack up. It 100% enhanced my experience, and I learned that you can’t really frown when you have wind blowing through your hair.

Q: What was your favorite spot in Glacier N.P.?

A: Particularly because I was riding the M1, the “Going to the Sun” Road was simply incredible. I went for a sunrise skate up there, and it was just… wow. My favorite hike was the trail up to Cracker Lake, which was tough for sure, but totally worth it (just don’t forget the bear spray!), and my favorite view was definitely Lake McDonald. It’s the biggest lake in the whole park, and it makes for a pretty epic view!

Q: In your experiences with it in the park, what became your favorite M1 feature?

A: I was a little nervous about some of the steeper roads in Glacier, but the brakes on the M1 kept me feeling totally in control. And the fact that it recharged my battery was just an added bonus. I don’t know if it’s possible to do, but if the M1 had off-road tires, I probably would’ve tried to ride it straight onto the hiking trail! It was just that much fun.