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Over the last ten years, we've seen some major changes in our urban areas. Cities are coming back into fashion with our generation-- this is exciting for our urban centers, many of which had fallen into decay after decades of "the suburban dream".

Today over 50% of us live in cities, and it will be closer to 70% within the next two decades. The fastest growing cities, and those yielding the most jobs, are mid-size cities (150-500K people). These trends bode well for sparking innovation and connection amongst disparate and diverse groups. However, cities still face a significant amount of challenges as they grow, notably congestion, pollution and transportation. The E-transportation movement has taken aim at alleviating some of these issues, specifically when it comes to the "Last Mile Challenge".

Companies like Bird have taken a leadership position, and their approach (albeit controversial at times) is shaping the space. Electric scooters and other light electric rideable vehicles are here to stay, but as the LA Times note:

As the industry evolves, it is a perfect opportunity for local government, businesses, and communities to come together and work towards cities that are more connected and more sustainable (as reported by the LA Times, this is already taking place). Inboard is an active participant in the debates. We are working hard to inspire thousands to leave their cars behind and join us in a more efficient (and often more convenient) alternative when travelling less than 2 miles. We have been engaging in constructive and informative dialogues with universities and municipalities alike. We do not see Bird, Lime, Spin, or even Boosted as competition, but rather as allies to help shape this new, exciting, and emerging space.

The next few months will be both interesting and incredibly important, and we’re inspired by the nuanced approach that Santa Monica has taken so far; a true sign of visionary leadership. We invite you to stay educated and get involved with your community and local representatives to help shape the future of our cities.