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Just Say Yes

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you said yes to everything? Meet Yes Theory. A group of 4 best friends, traveling the world and testing their comfort zones at every turn. Their mission is to inspire people to act on behalf of what they love, rather than what they fear. By saying ‚Yes!, Ammar and his crew believe that you can go anywhere and accomplish anything. 


Q: For the Inboarders who don't know, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ammar and I'm one of the co-founders of Yes Theory, a YouTube channel that makes content around the themes of saying‚ Yes! and getting outside of your comfort zone.

We believe that actively seeking discomfort is the best way to grow. The channel started in Summer 2015 with myself and my 3 friends in Montreal, Canada.

Q: Did you guys always have a mission, or did it just start as something fun to do with friends?

The message since day one has been to get more people to act through and rely on love, rather than to hold on to fears. But that really started with us being impacted by this message and feeling the effects for ourselves first.

Q: How was your first experience with the M1? How does it feel to ride?

My first time with the M1, I remember being so stoked on how powerful it was, because I really wasn't expecting it to be fast!

Riding the M1 always feels, to me, like pure freedom. It's like the feeling you have when you get your driver's license for the first time and thinking "Wow, I can do anything now!"

Q: What had been your favorite place to travel with the M1?

I travelled all over Europe with the Inboard. Riding in Paris along the river and around the Eiffel Tower was really special. The M1 is the perfect conversation starter when you ride somewhere new, as people really aren't used to seeing a board like that.

Q: Given all of your work with Yes Theory, was the M1 something new that you had to say yes to?

Not really, I had actually been really curious about the board for a while and when we got the chance to do a collaboration between Yes Theory and Inboard, it was just the perfect opportunity.

Q: What your favorite M1 feature?

I was worried about how the range might limit my travels, but the swappable batteries meant that I could ride for as long as I wanted. I also loved the look of the built-in lights, and they helped me feel safe and visible while riding at night.

Q: As someone who spends so much time travelling and exploring, did you find that the M1 changed your travel experience?

Travelling with the Inboard made me realize that it's literally the most perfect way to explore a new city. Cruise around for hours and pop into anywhere you're curious about or feel like exploring, with no need for parking or paying for a new fare when you want to get going again. And being stuck in traffic is a thing of the past. I get everywhere so quickly and without any hassle, and I also end up remembering the city streets a lot better when I ride!

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