Important Update on the future of Inboard from CEO Details
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G1 Glider update from Inboard CEO Ryan Evans

Dear Customer, Supporter, Friend,

We greatly appreciate your support of Inboard over the years.  We’ve strived to deliver our original vision established a few years back which was to change last-mile transportation for the better.  We delivered the M1 E-board which thousands of you have enjoyed riding over the years, and we developed the G1 Glider which we hope thousands more will enjoy in the years to come.

We’re writing you now to let you know that we have shifted our go to market strategy.  Originally we thought we would deliver the G1 Glider direct to our consumer customers, but we’ve now decided to reach you in a different way.  The demand for our product from global scooter sharing providers is so high, and they have the ability to put so many on the street, we think delivering to them first is the best way to get you on a G1 Glider initially.  We hope to come back to you soon and offer you a G1 for direct ownership, but we cannot guarantee a delivery date for consumers today, so we’re going to hold off on offering the G1 direct to consumers for now. We will, of course, keep supporting all our loyal customers who have bought an M1 - and we will continue to sell the M1 as an in-line product - with timely customer support, warranty, and service.

If you purchased a pre-order G1 Glider, thank you for supporting us! Since we can’t send you a G1 Glider right now, we think the right thing to do is to return your money until such time that we can guarantee a delivery date. You can expect to see a full refund of your deposit back to your credit card by April 15th, 2019.

Soon, we hope you will all get a chance to ride the amazing G1 Glider as it becomes deployed as part of major global fleets.  We’re very proud of the G1 Glider, and we hope you agree with us that it’s the best scooter on the market.

This expansion in our business in no way changes our ongoing focus to deliver great last mile transportation products reducing our carbon footprint and making it easier to get around our communities in the future.

Thank you for being such loyal supporters and friends.


Ryan Evans 
CEO | Co-Founder 
Inboard Technology, Inc.