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The Bren School

The Inboard Team drove down to Santa Barbara to the notorious Bren School of Environmental Science & Management found on the University California campus. This school is particularly groundbreaking as one of the top 5 environmental schools in the US which focuses on the environmental impact and improvement of businesses throughout the world.

As an e-transportation company, Inboard is focusing on shaping how we move in our cities in a sustainable and low impact way.  CEO and Co-Founder, Ryan Evans, and CMO, Erik Joule, spent time with the students and professors to go further in depth of the problem we face and possible solutions of our current cities and the future of transportation.

Students and teachers alike were able to enjoy the M1 throughout their own campus!  Truly sharing the stoke and feeling of flow on an e-board and how it benefits them in the University. Although there were plenty of first timers, they quickly became naturals!

A special thanks to Welcome Coffee, who supplied the much needed caffeine to all of the students who attended!