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Boxcar Partnership

We've been working behind the scenes on something for a while, and are thrilled to share it with you today! We will be teaming up with Boxcar, a New Jersey-based commuter services company, to bring e-scooters to commuters in Madison, NJ.

Boxcar CEO Joe Colangelo chose Madison because of its relatively dense population, large number of commuters using public transportation, and lack of convenient commuter parking. By allowing residents to use e-scooters instead of cars to get to the train station, we hope to solve the Last Mile Transportation issue in an efficient, eco-friendly, and fun way. We know Last Mile Transportation seems to be a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, but this is the real thing, in action!

Our partnership with Boxcar will provide the ultimate real-life testing ground for some of our e-transportation ideas, and it might just pave the way for the future of personal mobility.

The e-transportation world has its eyes set on unlocking the full potential of personal transportation, and each metro area that opens itself up to the possibility is a huge milestone. By working with Boxcar in Madison, we are on the verge of unlocking the New York metro area. Which is a pretty big deal!

New York openness to new mobility solutions demonstrates the ever-growing interest in e-transportation as a service, (a.k.a. TaaS). The idea is that transportation can be a service to be purchased and provided, not so different from the software industry, rather than something that each individual citizen is responsible for figuring out on their own. However, TaaS doesn't have to be limited to mass public transit; you can still travel as an individual within a greater, shared service.

Beyond the city, there also exists the concept of‚ e-transportation as a perk. Businesses, schools, or other organizations might offer transportation options as a benefit for their members or employees. We look forward to helping them do just that.

Learn more about our partnership with Boxcar: