Inboard Invades Vegas: BATTERY GIVEAWAY!

January 06, 2017

Inboard Invades Vegas: BATTERY GIVEAWAY!


That's right, literally the first time we've ever given anything away for free and we're doing it 3 times today!!! We’re giving away 3 PowerShift Battery packs today at CES! Look for the posted clues and password we’ll post through Instagram Stories (@inboardskate), use the clues to be the first person to show up in person to give us the password, and you’ll get a FREE PowerShift Battery!

Offer is only good for the FIRST PERSON per CLUE to find us, and you must show up in person. We will announce the winners on Instagram Stories.

We're posting the first clue at 1pm PST on Instagram! 

Meet up with Inboard today at 4pm

Meet-up and ride today at 4pm in the "Gold" parking lot near CES! Come and meet the team, test ride the M1 with the new high-torque firmware update, and go on a group ride with us around Las Vegas. Please bring your own skateboard as we don't have any extra boards for the group-ride. (sorry)