December 03, 2016


What a rush!  Thank you to everyone who watched Inboard on Shark Tank yesterday.  The experience of appearing on Shark Tank was amazing in so many ways.  We were humbled and yet super excited to be invited onto the show. Preparation for our episode was intense since we were trying to ship our first set of products at the same time.  To end up with an offer from the Sharks was great validation of all of the hard work put in by the Inboard team. Let’s dive into some of the details from Shark Tank.

The Shark Tank Inboard Facebook Live Q&A

We were fortunate to have an over subscribed “viewing party” in Santa Cruz for the airing of the show last night.  It was great to have the Inboard team, friends, family, investors and the local Santa Cruz community there to support and connect with us during and after the show. If you missed the Q&A you can still catch it on our Facebook page. 

AND if you missed the episode you can re-watch it on the ABC.com "Shark Tank" page

Things you heard in the ‘Tank’:

There were a few things mentioned on Shark Tank you may not have been aware of so we put together a Q&A to make sure you’re up to speed:

Q:    Is the M1 going to be at Best Buy?
A:    Due to the significant demand for the M1, it won’t be available in Best Buy until we have enough volume to fulfill our existing online orders, and those from our existing retail partners.  We will provide updates on the availability of the M1 at retail locations in Q1 2017.  

Q:    I ordered my M1 before the airing of Shark Tank. Will the increased demand from the show affect my ship date? 
A:    All orders received before the airing of Shark Tank will ship before any new orders placed after the airing.  If your order was submitted before December 2, you will receive your M1 by the end of January. 

Message from Ryan & Theo

Having the chance to be on Shark Tank was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can’t imagine how nerve-wracking it was to pitch something you are insanely passionate about, and to have that passion win through. Not only did we get a deal, but we got TWO sharks. And to be honest, we couldn’t have done any of this without the support of all our backers, friends, family and the team at Inboard. For us, winning on Shark Tank was an amazing achievement and we’re just getting started! Over the next few weeks and months we’re going to continue to innovate, ramp up production, and get more boards into more hands. Our goal is to make the world's best electric rideables, and we’re excited for you to come along for the ride

Thank you for all of your support!

The Inboard Team