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Test Ride - SB Breakfast Culture Club

Coffee, art, photography, and oh yeah- the M1! Come hang with us at Santa Barbara’s Breakfast Culture Club (on Chapala at DLG) from 8 AM to Noon on Saturday.

We know it’s a little early, so we’ll be providing some BCC coffee on the house. Once we’re all caffeinated, we’ll be demo-ing the M1 in the parking lot, so if you’ve ever wanted to take a spin, now’s the time. Our Inboard specialists will be at hand to answer any questions, help you take your first ride, and if you can’t finish your espresso, they’ll help you out with that too!

We’re all about creating more connected cities, and the BCC is connecting artists, photographers, and coffee-lovers from all over the world, so what better place to meet up?

See you there!