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Behind The Flow: Theodore Cerboneschi



 Theodore Cerboneschi: Inboard’s co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, and resident engineering genius. But to us, he’s just Theo!

Hailing from Annecy, a small town in the French Alps, Theo has always been inspired by the awesome power of nature. Fittingly, his favorite pursuits have always revolved around using natural forces to chase the thrill, whether through skating, kiteboarding, paragliding, or beyond. Though raised in France, he’s really quite the Swiss Army Knife when it comes to action sports.

From a young age, he was never able to resist the allure of tinkering. Bicycles, motors, and electrical devices alike were subjected to young Theo’s desire to take apart and put together, over and over and over again. His mechanical instincts drove him to pursue technological solutions to his everyday problems, and one of his fun little side projects ended up becoming his livelihood.

As a student of Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder, Theo was experimenting with a more practical and fun way to get around campus. Inspired by his love of action sports, his garage was soon jam-packed with skateboard decks, rudimentary motors, and MacGyver’d components. Once his late-night side project had become something functional, he met up with business whiz and kiteboarding buddy, Ryan Evans, in the Spring of 2014. Ryan was impressed, and the pair chose to follow their entrepreneurial instincts. Theo quit school, and Inboard was born.


“It was the first time our system was really working, and we realized... that the project was going to succeed”

Theo would never admit it himself, but he really does have a unique mind- the rare combination of calculative ingenuity and a sharp eye for design. The M1 is the truest example of a passion project, and it exemplifies Theo’s methodology perfectly. Innovative engineering, attention to detail, and commitment to craftsmanship are what set our M1 apart from the competition. And we think it looks pretty good too.

Thanks Theo!