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M1 Firmware v2.0 - Torque Update!

Got some fresh updates! The new M1 firmware update is available and a brief update on shipping and tracking numbers. 

Today we are releasing a new firmware update for the M1 which we mentioned during CES! The new app version is 1.0.3 and the firmware is v 2.0. This latest update makes your riding experience even better! Here are the key features of this new release:

  • Increased torque for better acceleration and hill climbing. The M1 will now utilize a steeper acceleration curve, which means riders will experience improved off-the-line acceleration and better uphill performance, especially at lower speeds. 
  • Idle PowerShift battery life extended. This fix addresses a bug where the M1 would prematurely drain a connected PowerShift battery, even when the M1 was off. This fix significantly reduces idle M1 battery drain, but does not completely eliminate it. We still recommend completely removing the PowerShift battery when the M1 is not in use, especially for long periods of time. 
  • PowerShift battery charge level reporting improved. This fix improves the accuracy of measuring the remaining charge in your PowerShift Battery and also fixes a bug that was generating false low battery warnings in certain riding situations. 
  • More consistent top speed for all riding modes. This fix improves the regulation of maximum speed in all three riding modes while riding on a flat surface. 
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

This new firmware update will be available in the Apple App store on Monday morning (1/16/17). For customers with Android phones, you may want to borrow a friends iPhone to install this update. We are still working on an Android version of our app, but it will not be available for today's update. 

You can download the update in the Apple App Store right now

Shipping Update

1/12 was an important date for many of you. It was the date of your M1™ shipping window. Some customers have already received their M1's and some, due to the US holiday today, might still be anxiously waiting for it to arrive. Thanks for your patience! We wanted to take the opportunity to detail how our shipping process works.

In all Inboard emails we provide you with a date range in which your M1 will ship. We do this because there is a slight delay between when units travel from our assembly facility in San Francisco to our logistics partners warehouse. Once at our logistics facility the boards are re-inspected, appropriate chargers are added to the box (overseas compliant chargers), and then FedEx & USPS come to pick up the M1s. Once FedEx picks up the palette of M1s they are scanned into FedEx and the tracking numbers are generated. It's during this process that there can be a bit of a delay. 

If you have not yet received your tracking number, it might still be in the queue to be processed by FedEx or USPS. Tracking numbers for customers with the 1/11 date might go out as late as the evening of 1/19. We are working to increase the accuracy and transparency of our shipping process, and we appreciate your patience. if you have questions about your shipping status please email with your order number. 

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