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The Inboard M1 e-board has dual in-wheel motors, a truly swappable battery, integrated LED lights, and a sleek, futuristic design to deliver an experience that transforms any journey.

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It's Your Turn

Commuting, going to the store, or just carving up the neighborhood has never been this much fun. Climb with confidence thanks to powerful in-wheel motors, and tackle long descents with dynamic braking that never gives up.

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Compact commuter

Take your wheels with you. On the train. On the bus. In the car. Crush the last miles on a rock-solid board with the best warranty anywhere.

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The Community

Inboard is more than just a product, it's a way of life! And our community is at the core of everything we do. Keep up with the global community by following us on your favorite social platforms, stay in the loop with what we're up to by following our blog, and engage with your local Inboarders by joining us at our events near you!

  • A #SkatePark Summer

    We’d been spending far too much time skating around the office, so when Summer 2018 came around, we decided to break the routine and set out on an epic tour of America’s National Parks. After hitti...

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  • Meet Sachi!

    Welcome to SACHI.LA, a coffee shop that truly transcends the limits of what we thought a coffee shop could be, and the first feature of our “Friends of Inboard” series. Beyond a great cup with a pr...

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  • Jack Smith Half Way!

    Jack Smith, skateboarding legend and pioneer of the cross-country skate trip, is now just past the halfway point of his 5th skate across America. 40 years after his first journey on a rickety Lexan...

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Get $100 when your friends or family members get an M1 on your recommendation. Nothing is sweeter than carving the streets with your buddies!

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